Ecological Portraiture

Everything is interconnected. This is what I continue to learn more deeply everyday.

This new photo series is an amalgamation of my current interests in 1) my research in human ecology, 2) exploring preternatural environments, and 3) the art of storytelling.

As I transition into this new PhD research phase, I can’t help but carry my research questions over to my personal life and connect it to my art. My research currently looks at human ecology, the study of the relationship between humans and their psychological development with their natural, social, and built environments. I realized (maybe much later than I should have) that these research questions are probably connected to my never-ending search for new and strange environments (mostly why I prioritize travel) and my unwavering interest in learning the stories attached to them (which is maybe why I host storytelling gatherings and have incorporated storytelling in my undergrad class).

This photo series, called “Ecological Portraiture”, is a reflection of these interconnected ideas. I hope to capture nontraditional story-portraits of friends, family, and even myself in new, strange, unique, preternatural environments and continue to explore the mysteries that hide behind the theme of “place”.

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