A few things about my most recent trip to Angkor Wat:

1. My tuk tuk driver got the memo that I’d rather be alone in Angkor Wat as much as possible and took me on a different route that would avoid most of the foot-traffic. For example, he brought me to Phnom Bakheng for sunrise (there was noone there) and got me to the Bayon first, and the silent and solo bliss is 100% the best way to experience the beauty and magic of Angkor Wat.

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One weekend in the Ethiopian countryside,

wandering around tabletop mountains following my favorite primates,

standing cliffside next to a waterfall that spilled into the Blue Nile River,

riding horseback into a crater lake that lives in the middle of an extinct volcano.

So many spaces that made me feel small, new, and insignificant

(and you know what, I was very okay with that.)

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“It’s a transformative experience to simply pause instead of immediately filling up the space. By waiting, we begin to connect with fundamental restlessness as well as fundamental spaciousness.”

Embracing all of the spaciousness of this last summer low-country getaway.

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My parents, the first community organizers I’ve ever known, helped me throw a giant dinner party yesterday (possibly the best of all time) for my nearest and dearest Durham community. They drove 12 hours down from NY and spent an entire day cooking and preparing just so that my friends could “know their cooking.”

Also grateful for friends who showered my Mom with flowers and my Dad with red wine (they might never stop talking about how sweet y’all are) and a beautiful summer day to finally christen our giant party porch. Thanks Dad for always reminding me of a simple but vital lesson: “Take care of your community and they’ll take care of you.”

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