A Lunar New Year To Start Again.

This year’s lunar new year celebration was so nourishing and heartwarming, from the video conference with my cute parents and the giant 9-course Vietnamese dinner party, to the guided group meditation, photo-booth antics, and lunar new year themed team trivia (there was a very organized schedule, don’t worry).

The Year of the Dog unfortunately ended with an abundance of loss and grief for me. But when I wasn’t able to show up for myself, it was my teachers, books, ancestors, silence, the earth, and most importantly, my community, that all showed up for me. All of these sources of refuge, these life-lines of love, held space for my grieving while reminding me that I’m resilient, I’m worthy, and I’m beautiful.

Welcome, Year of the Pig, and thank you to my kind and generous community and for my guests of honor who traveled so far to be there. I love you all. I appreciate you all. I can’t wait to continue growing with you. Happy lunar new year. <3

Lunar New Year 2019 1
Lunar New Year 2019 2
Lunar New Year 2019 3
Lunar New Year 2019 4
Lunar New Year 2019 5
Lunar New Year 2019 6
Lunar New Year 2019 7
Lunar New Year 2019 8

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