Greenville meets Vietnam.

A year ago from today, one of my greatest comrades from my Greenville life visited me while I was in Vietnam. Playing local tour-guide and showing friends why Vietnam is one of my greatest loves has been and continues to be one of my favorite human experiences.

Vietnam also has such a variety of experiences to offer that I can adapt any itinerary to cater to a friend’s interests. Got a thing for hidden cafes tucked away in crumbling derelict buildings? Sure! How about an inside look at the underground hip hop subculture? Why not! Or how about a hike up a limestone mountain? A leisurely stroll through a giant sand dune? A river boat trip through rice paddy fields or caves? Yes, yes, and yes.

For Rooney, this basically meant visiting the most beautiful temples and pagodas (including Thich Nhat Hanh’s old pagoda), playing soccer with a bunch of little kiddos, and eating the most celebratory vegetarian feasts everyday. Definitely one of my top friend-travel experiences of my nomadic year.

[Featured photo: Rooney in Chi Lang, Hue, Vietnam, 12/1/2015]

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