Relationships and Place.

There are relationships that are centered around certain places,
sometimes remaining and laying dormant there for all time,
rejuvenated only when time allows presences to align.

Sadly, some relationships die and are forgotten in these places too.

There are relationships that handle long distance well,
that take turns with reaffirming visits,
that thrive from a rhythm of check-ins and embraces.
They may need some attention, but all parties agree that the attention is worthwhile.

And then there are relationships that seem to traverse
some sort of time and space rule-book regarding relationships and place,
ones that hold space for each other no matter where they are,
that find unions in the most unfamiliar corners of this vast world.

Last year, we reunited in Hungary; this year in Colombia.
We’re still exploring old, decrepit buildings together
and still going on long cafe-hunting walks together.
This time, however, we’ve found unions in:
-a walled, ancient port city adorned with fairy-tale cobblestone streets;
-a bustling valley city with offers of vibrant art and awe-inspiring mountain scenery;
-a lush countryside region surrounded by verdant, living hills filled with coffee.

I’m grateful to have experienced all of these types of place-related relationships,
but right now can’t help but bask in the present moment with these special ones.



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